Aged 12 – 18 And Advanced

Junior Cadets

The cadet is a fun way to come and learn how to play golf and meet the Junior Team for AVGC.  Each week has games designed to help juniors develop their golfing skill and knowledge. There are 5 different levels of assessment and each level has a series of tests and challenges that players must complete if they are to move up to the next level.  This is the pathway that players should follow in order to further develop their golfing skills and meet the rest of the team. These skills are more advanced than the younger challenge programme and players under 12 should seek to pass all 5 levels of the challenge programme first.

The cadets are running all year round on a Sunday at 3pm, contact Russell to get involved!

6 x 1½ hour session for just £30 or come along to one session for just £8!2015-10-28 16.28.20

9 Hole Competition

The 9 hole competition is on at the club every month and is a fun relaxed opportunity for players to text their skill out on the golf course.  From the first 9 hole competition they play players will be given a handicap (non-official) to try and beat next time they play.  Prizes are awarded for the top 3 players.

Order of Merit Trophy. points will be awarded every competition to the top 5 players.  The winner will be declared at the end of the year to claim 9 hole competition trophy!

Cost £10 members and £15 non-members – time taken 2-2½ hours.

There are several 9 hole dates coming up over the year.  Watch this space for upcoming dates.


To book contact Russell on 07843692948


National Skills Challenge

Sadly England Golf is not running the NSC in 2015 but they hope to have something in place for 2016!

There is a national skills challenge that takes place 2 times throughout the year, Rookie (Under 12’s) and Tour (12-18). This is a great opportunity for players to improve their game and also to see how good their game is compared to players across the rest of the country. Players must have passed level 3 on the Challenge Programme to attempt Rookie or passed level 2 on Cadet Programme to attempt Tour.

For more information please visit

New dates to be confirmed…


RPGA is working with some of the secondary schools in the area trying to give new players the opportunity to learn golf as an after school activity. Activities will be at Aylesbury Vale Golf Club and the school will be in charge of transporting players to and from the club. Sessions will be after school will be 1 hours long.

To find out more contact Russell or speak to you school.