Aged 6 – 11

All juniors who are new to the game should try to get involved in an Open Day. It’s a fun day of team games and will give the junior the opportunity to meet Russell and then see the best way forward.

Junior Challenge Programme

The challenge programme is a 5 week course designed to help children develop their golfing skill and knowledge. There are 5 different levels of assessment and each is graded bronze, silver, gold and platinum depending of the points accumulated over the 5 different challenges.  This is the pathway that players should follow in order to develop their golfing ability.

These are always running at the golf club through-out the year, contact Russell to find out when the next start dates are.

National Skills Challenge

Sadly England Golf is not running the NSC in 2015 but they hope to have something in place soon!

There is a national skills challenge that takes place 2 times throughout the year, Rookie (Under 12’s) and Tour (12-18). This is a great opportunity for players to improve their game and also to see how good their game is compared to players across the rest of the country. Players must have passed level 3 on the Challenge Programme to attempt Rookie or passed level 2 on Cadet Programme to attempt Tour.

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Tri Golf in Schools

RPGA delivers golf as an after school session to some of the local primary schools in the area. This is a safe and easy way, using plastic clubs and soft balls, to introduce children to the fantastic game of golf. Tri golf is aimed at children aged 5-8 years old with little or no playing experience. Keep an eye out of tri golf activities at your child’s school.

Most sessions are located at the school straight after school has finished. We finish with 1 or 2 weeks at Aylesbury Vale Golf Club.

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